The Proof Is In the Pudding

New Years Resolutions....I can't decide if I'm really good at these or simply pretend that I make them and just do what I want. It's a good self-confidence builder! Make a really vague resolution, apply it to every aspect of your life and be happy. Problem solved!

This year, I resolved to do a lot more art and to truly explore my skills in what I went to school for. As a few of you know, lately I've been into making jewelry. Working with fire, glass and lots of different metals. Enough to open up an Etsy store. But even more recently I've moved into the realm of working with semi-precious stones and more expensive materials..because why not? So I'm going to offer a few of these stones only through this blog and only for a week! Ultimately, they are destined for local stores here in Boise...but I'm bear with me!

These three wrapped stones are being offered for seven days only! Like I mentioned, they are being sent to local stores in Boise to be sold there, but I would like to see how much attention writing through a blog can actually get! So as a further experiment, I've made a coupon! Using this coupon will give you 30% off whatever items strike your fancy at my store!


Use the coupon code:


So, the proof is in the pudding. More art, more responsibilities and (hopefully) more organization. I also updated all the photos on the store and added measurement indications too. Thanks to Dave for that amazing suggestion :)

As always, I'd love critiques or suggestions for new pieces or how to better do this thing called production art!

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