Embraced by Flowers

It’s finally here! I drooled over pictures of this place before coming to Ashikaga and finally made my way there; long awaited, at least by me, Ashikaga Flower Park. This lovely little section of my current home is filled with some of the world’s most beautiful and rare flowers. This is not an exaggeration. Each inch of soil in this park is filled with flowers. The only areas that are not some type of flowering tree, plant or shrub are sidewalks. Which in turn are encroached upon by wisteria blooms. These photos simply do not do the majesty of nature that abounds any justice at all. In fact, it’s almost an insult by me to attempt to capture just how luscious these flowers are.  

It is no hidden fact that I love nature. If you haven’t guessed yet, I am one of those people that stops and smells the flowers as I pass. Something that has been both noticed and appreciated by the Japanese whose gardens I happen to stroll by. If I have not mentioned this before, every house in Japan has a garden and they are well-loved. The apartment buildings do not, but 9 times out of 10 there is a flower pot garden crammed into what little space there is. Thus, because I live in a small town and everyone knows who I am, there is always flowers on my desk in the morning from other teachers or farmers that happened to give a bundle to the school. It’s lovely. I don’t speak the language, but they still appreciate me and try to take care of me as best they can.


But, I digress. Ashikaga Flower Park is not only known for actively growing and maintaining heirloom flowers from Japan’s climate, but it is also home to a few of the world’s oldest wisteria trees. I’m sitting here attempting to figure out the appropriate words to use to paint you a picture..but I just can’t. So instead, here’s a gallery to enjoy! Remember, you can click each photo to get the full resolution! I think I've enabled downloads and they should be big enough for wallpaper if the mood strikes you!