On rekindling friendships and impact-fulness

My deepest apologies for not posting for the last three weeks! I’ve been a little bit side-tracked (read: OVERWHELMED) from attempting to learn the Japanese language. I’m running into an issue with my brain where the other languages that I kinda speak are getting mixed up and only gibberish is coming out. I know that in the linguistics world this phenomenon has been actively researched and there’s an actual name for it. So, my language scholars, what is that called? I’m curious! But, in posting this, I really want to show what Japan looks like right now because it’s beautiful, but I also want to ramble a little about people in our lives. Japan's Ashikaga range

I cannot count the number of times that I’ve been told ‘people enter our lives for a reason’. Yes, this is true and it’s been proven to me over and over again. But ultimately I think the greater lessons come from when people leave our lives. When someone is participating in your everyday life, you often do not fully appreciate them. Yes, you might be grateful and extremely happy during the times with them. But, It is only when they are gone or unreachable that you realize just how much of an impact that they had on your life. Particularly the gaps that their leaving left in your heart and soul; double that when you were especially close.

A little bit like forgotten temples where people once worshipped


During the de-thawing process that is my third cup of coffee, I’ve lately been thinking quite a bit about people in my life. Do I make an impact upon them? Have they made an impact upon me? What was it that I made them question...was it who they are? Where they have gone or been? Do people think about me and wonder where I am? I asked a few people this question and I got mixed answers. I didn’t ask them if they missed me, that’d be kinda awkward (but I do think it!).

Many people are not sure if they’ve changed someone’s lives for the better or for the worse and I am no different. I am a teacher. I interact with individuals who are looking for answers every single day of my life and often ask them questions that make them consider who they are. Why? Because I had amazing teachers in my own life that asked me those same questions. It transformed me from being an arrogant, self-adsorbed person into who I am today, or at the very least got me on the right path. Even to this moment, I am always asking myself where I am, what I’m doing, and who I am doing it with. It’s a bit of a dichotomy in that I am actively living in the present, breathing in each moment, but I also have an eye to the past and the future. It’s difficult not to in our current world.


Ask yourself this. Do you have an impact on the people in your life? If you do, what is that impact? Have you ever been impacted by someone, even if you only knew them for a short amount of time? How did they impact you? 

     I think that you’ll find looking back at people in your life, you’ll remember individuals who, for only a short moment, burned like dying out stars and lit up our world for just that briefest of moments. Recently, I’ve taken to talking those people in my life. Or trying to. Staying in touch is difficult when you are on the other side of the world but I try my hardest. It’s sometimes disheartening attempting to rekindle a friendship through something like Facebook, because it’s not often that someone is on at the same time as you. But, I try nonetheless.

With some people, I picked up the relationship like nothing ever happened. Despite the 3 or 4 year gap in between our conversations. With others, it’s like pulling teeth trying to get a real conversation that doesn’t involve asking ‘How are you?’ and leaving it at that. I am not one for small talk. I can chat about the weather like anyone else, but if you have me for more then five or ten minutes, I’m going to ask a harder question. One that I might not know the answer to. It’s the people that readily have these conversations that I anxiously await talking to. These are the people that, despite years of silence, continue to inspire and influence where I am going and how I am viewing life. They make me remember those tiny memories that I forgot. Sitting outside watching stars, listening to a piano being played late into the night or remembering a moment of shared silence and understanding. Chances are you think about these moments and the people you shared them with often. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, but it doesn’t have to be a sad one.

Nostalgia can be as lovely as the explosion of colors. It's gone now, but I will remember how it made me feel

Go on, talk to that long lost friend or lover. Don’t just ask them how they are. Ask them who they are and what life has taught them since you last spoke. Let them know that you think about them. Even if they don’t respond, at some point they will read that and know that someone appreciates them. It will make their life all the better for it.


Share some long lost love and if you can..rekindle those friendships. It's never too late to say 'Hello'.