My career is defined by educating youth from all different walks of life through both indoor and wilderness settings. I place special focus upon working with students who have emotional, behavioral and social issues and I have had the great pleasure to show these young adults that someone does indeed believe in them. I’ve both been trained and have trained teachers and mentors in educational skills and counseling for youth-at-risk. Through my experiences, I’ve been given opportunities to positively influence students and help them succeed in their goals.

While youth-at-risk has been a particular interest of mine, I’ve also instructed at the university level and possess a background of teaching in various countries internationally. I honestly cannot say that a single experience has defined my educational philosophies as it is constantly changing and growing. I strive to continually adapt my knowledge and strategies to properly address the unique environments of each class that I teach.

Because of this varied background, my art reflects multiple cultural influences and conceptual schools of thought. While I think it would be interesting to focus on a specific style or media, ultimately it would be to the detriment of my effectiveness as an educator.







Jesse Carpenter Goodwin
United States


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